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The partners ofthe space between have published a number of books dealing with organisational work.


adv_facAdvanced Facilitation  by Trevor Bentley and Howard Boorman.

Taking facilitation to new levels of effectiveness, by working with group process and group dynamics in new and powerful ways.


Creative Consulting™ – Consulting with a Gestalt focus by Trevor Bentley and Howard Boorman.
Most organisational problems are caused by human frailties and an inability of many people to build strong relationships or to work with ambiguity and uncertainty. In this booklet we explore how a Gestalt approach support external or internal consultants and their clients to work much more effectively to support improved relationships and higher performance.


moments_of_leadershipMoments of Leadership™ – Leadership with a Gestalt focus  by Trevor Bentley and Howard Boorman. 
The difference between the role of leaders and the act of leadership is described in such a way that it becomes possible to believe that it is within everyone’s grasp to lead. By looking at leadership as a process, rather than a role, the authors show how it is as much the context and circumstances that define leadership as it is the people involved. The opportunity for leadership arises from moment to moment and it is those who recognise and grasp the leadership moment who triumph.
xcerpts from a review of Moments of Leadership, by Robert Farrands J.D., Ph.D. (as published in Gestalt Review 09, Volume 13 – Number One, Gestalt International Study Center):"Deserves attention for the way in which it explains how the authors have drawn on their membership of a Gestalt community to develop their own approach . . . My copy of this book is covered with my own notes. Clearly I have been provoked and stimulated. I wonder what it would be like if I was to try to set out in 20,000 words precisely what I believed about leadership – perhaps all practitioners should try? Reading this book, pen in hand, would be a good place to start."

Other books by partners of the space between


magicA Touch of Magic  by Trevor Bentley. In the fast changing, complex business world of today, different organisational practices are needed to keep up. This book is about a unique and highly effective way forward; exploring the magic of contact, complexity, creativity and chaos, and how leaders and consultants can tap into these things to create magic of their own.

 Excerpts from a review of A Touch of Magic by Linda Norman (as published in HR Monthly, June 2004):

“Focuseson our psychological interactions and relationships with others. Bentley encourages us to experiment and explore, be aware of our own and other people’s boundaries and to look for balance in relationships. (The book offers) different perspectives and contains a number of insights that may interest senior organisational coaches and facilitators who work with individuals and teams.”

Conundrum 101  by Howard Boorman. A crime novel drawing on Howard's training as a psychotherapist. Jason Phillips, a psychologist at NSW University, faces a dangerous conundrum. If he alibis a small time drug dealer accused of a series of brutal double murders, he will risk his career and make himself the target of corrupt police. Even more disturbingly, he risks bringing himself and his family and friends to the attention of the real killer.

CreativityCreativity  by Trevor Bentley. Innovation and creativity are two of the most important business skills. Organisations are looking for significant growth, not just marginal improvements, and need innovative ideas and creative approaches at every stage. This book shows you how to get your team to explore problems from different angles and to foster a creative environment.


fac2Facilitation  by Trevor Bentley. Being a facilitator means helping groups and individuals work together in continually different situations. 
Chapter by chapter, this book follows a real-life workshop facilitated by Trevor and Howard, from the workshop’s inception to completion.
In this way you're provided with living examples and illustrations of the high and low points of facilitation in practice.
Excerpts of a review of Facilitation, by Linda Norman (as published in HR Monthly, November 2001):

 “. . . within five minutes I was having trouble putting the book down! What makes it different to other ‘how to’ management books is the author’s innovative approach to facilitation and the unusual way the book has been compiled. This book would appeal most to more experienced trainers and facilitators as it challenges modern day custom and practice of facilitation and group training. It might also interest readers seeking a greater understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics."


parsifalParsifal Stories  by Trevor Bentley. Executive coaching as an art form combines a lifetime of experience, an understanding of psychology and wisdom. In this book you can see how a coaching master, the wizard Parsifal from Arthurian legend, works with this art form. Often it seems there's a touch of magic as Parsifal works with the CEO and executive team,  King Arthur and his courtiers.

teamworkframeTeamwork  by Trevor BentleyA practical ‘how to’ book with a series of exercises for new and established teams. This book is designed to help teams discover new dimensions and their fullest potential.

culture_shockre Shock! Philippines
  by Grace Boorman (nee Roces) and Alredo Roces. This book is a “survival guide” for anyone living, working or travelling in the Philippines. It offers insights into Filipino ways and culture. It’s especially useful for business travellers & expats, and includes business etiquette and advice on housing, schooling, banking & employing local staff. It's published by Marshall Cavendish International, Singapore, is now in its 9th edition and has sold over 80,000 copies.

Excerpts from a review of Culture Shock! Philippines, by John Cloutman, San Francisco Book Review, October 2009:

“I would recommend this guide to all who plan to travel to the Philippines. A guide this comprehensive should be required reading for all Americans travelling to any foreign land . . . Culture Shock! Philippines holds countless useful insights (and) it gives very valuable advice for those wishing to blend in . . . detailing the things one might need when planning a longer term residence. The amount of information packed in to this volume is truly amazing. . . . I can wholeheartedly recommend Culture Shock! Philippines to anyone planning to travel there.”

Now What? by Kirsten Brumby. A step by step approach to land your new job or career. For more information click here.


An Impossible Dream by Peter Campbell. Through vivid descriptions and introspective reflection, An Impossible Dream portrays the physical, emotional and psychological challenges Peter faced as he undertook the epic 800km walk along the Camino, the relationships formed along the way, and the spiritual questions asked and answered. Peter also looks back at the cultural and religious conflicts of the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages, and reflects on the history of the Crusades, the Knights Templar, the legendary El Cid, and more, drawing comparisons with now. 

Placing an order

Advanced Facilitation, Creative Consulting and Moments of Leadership are published through and can be obtained as hard copies or e-books directly from the Lulu or can be ordered directly from us for AUD$20 (plus postage and GST if applicable): Book order.

Conundrum 101 can also be purchased through (hard copy only). Alternatively you can order hard copies through us for AUD$20 (plus postage and GST if applicable).Book order.
Culture Shock! Philippinescan be ordered through Amazon and is available in hard copy or as a Kindle book and can be ordered here 
Now What? is available through Kirsten's  website.
An Impossible Dream is available through Amazon in hard copy or as a Kindle book and can be ordered here.

All other books
published by the space betweenretail in Australia for $44 (including GST) and can be supplied by mail for the cost of postage. All books supplied outside of Australia retail for $40 plus the cost of postage. Discounts apply for multiple copies. If you'd like to place an order directly with us for any books published by the space between  please go to: Book order. We'll contact you via email to arrange postage and

A number of other books by the partners or past partners of the space betweenhave been released by other publishers, including:

By Trevor Bentley

Bridgingthe Performance Gap(Gower)

EffectivePerformance Appraisals (Spiro Press)

SharpenYour Team’s Skills in Effective Selling(T. McGraw-Hill)

By Sue Clayton (now Sue Congram)

SharpenYour Team’s Skills in Developing Strategy(McGraw-Hill)
SharpenYour Team’s Skills in Supervision (McGraw-Hill)

By Trevor and Sue:

Profiting from Diversity (Gower)

If you'd like a copy of any of these books and can't find them through your local bookseller or on-line, please contact Howard we will endeavour to obtain a copy for you.