Gestalt at work-the space between

the space between

The Fundamentals of Gestalt in Organisations

"Applying Gestalt Approaches and Models to working in Organisations"

                      This 3 day workshop is for leaders at all levels, consultants and coaches, who want to enhance their capabilities to meet critical business objectives and face the everyday challenges in their organisation.

 So, what does that actually mean? Our workshop will challenge you to think differently, explore and experiment with the main thing you have control over: YOU (your awareness, your responses, your capability to connect with others).

 And we use Gestalt: a philosophy, theory and set of tools; to support you to work more effectively through your relationships with others.


Awareness: Help you sharpen your awareness of what’s going on right now; within yourself, others, teams and organisations. Through this increased awareness you can make more informed decisions and take more effective action, and support others to do these things too.

Connection: Develop your skills in making deeper connections with others. This will support you to better express what you’re thinking and feeling, and bring more depth to your listening, so that others have the experience of really being listened to. These approaches also support more effective conversations, including coaching of others, facilitation, performance management and conflict management.

Situation: Understand how everything surrounding you and others has an effect on how you are and what you do. This can support you in being more able to thrive during change, lead change, and support others through change and support more successful projects and more effective meetings.

This is an experiential workshop, where we aim to give people a 'felt' experience of Gestalt, rather than just talking about it. Every instance of the Fundamentals workshop is unique because we work experimentally with what's happening in the moment and with what emerges from the group in terms of areas of interest and individual and group process. As well as working with the whole group, we are likely to invite people to work in small groups and pairs for a number of activities.

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