Working at the Hard Edge
Advanced GIO

A three-day residential workshop available to people who have attended one of our other workshops and to Gestalt therapists with organisational experience.


In this workshop, we explore how a holistic approach can help integrate all aspects of an organisation e.g. people and profit, working at the hard edge and with softness, caring for individuals and thinking systemically.


People who have worked with us in the past know that our approach is to work with the interests of the group and with what emerges as we work together. From our experiences from our other Australian program and UK programs, likely areas of interest are:

o  Using our self as instrument to understand what’s happening within an organisation and with its people – seeing the unseen and hearing the unsaid

o  Gestalt processes, models and tools that have direct practical applications to leadership, consulting, project management, etc.

o  Parallel process – paying attention to what’s happening between you and the organisation and between you and people in your wider field

o  The space between just enough support, too much and not enough

o  Working with experiment, paradox, ambiguity and uncertainty, and supporting people at the edge of chaos

o  More on contact styles, (e.g. how polarities promote polarised responses)


This workshop is a potential pathway to participation in our Ongoing Advanced Development Groups.

Ø For more information, contact Howard via or on +61 (0)419 436 793.

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