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the space between

Travel and fiction

culture_shockCulture Shock! Philippines  by Grace Boorman (nee Roces) and Alredo Roces. 
This book is a “survival guide” for anyone living, working or travelling in the Philippines. It offers insights into Filipino ways and culture. It’s especially useful for business travellers & expats, and includes business etiquette and advice on housing, schooling, banking & employing local staff. It's published by Marshall Cavendish International, Singapore, is now in its 9th edition and has sold over 80,000 copies.

Excerpts from a review of Culture Shock! Philippines, by John Cloutman, San Francisco Book Review, October 2009:

“I would recommend this guide to all who plan to travel to the Philippines. A guide this comprehensive should be required reading for all Americans travelling to any foreign land . . . Culture Shock! Philippines holds countless useful insights (and) it gives very valuable advice for those wishing to blend in . . . detailing the things one might need when planning a longer term residence. The amount of information packed in to this volume is truly amazing. . . . I can wholeheartedly recommend Culture Shock! Philippines to anyone planning to travel there.”
Culture Shock! Philippines can be ordered through Amazon and is available in hard copy or as a Kindle book and can be ordered here 


imp_dreamAn Impossible Dream by Peter Campbell.
Through vivid descriptions and introspective reflection, An Impossible Dream portrays the physical, emotional and psychological challenges Peter faced as he undertook the epic 800km walk along the Camino, the relationships formed along the way, and the spiritual questions asked and answered. Peter also looks back at the cultural and religious conflicts of the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages, and reflects on the history of the Crusades, the Knights Templar, the legendary El Cid, and more, drawing comparisons with now.
An Impossible Dream is available through Amazon in hard copy or as a Kindle book and can be ordered here.


con_101Conundrum 101 by Howard Boorman.
Book one in the Jason Phillips series. A crime novel drawing on Howard's training as a psychotherapist. Jason Phillips, a psychologist at NSW University, faces a dangerous conundrum. If he alibis a small time drug dealer accused of a series of brutal double murders, he will risk his career and make himself the target of corrupt police. Even more disturbingly, he risks bringing himself and his family and friends to the attention of the real killer. 
Conundrum 101 can be purchased as through in standard print or larger print. Alternatively to buy copies through us (plus postage and GST if applicable) go to: Book order.

The Darkness of Patterns by Howard Boorman. 
Book Two in the Jason Phillips series. Dr Jason Phillips returns to hunt for patterns pointing to a serial killer operating in Melbourne,
The Darkness of Patterns can be purchased through in standard print or larger print). Alternatively to buy copies through us (plus postage and GST if applicable) go to: Book order.