GIO Advannced Facilitation-the space between

the space between

Advanced Facilitation

Taking your facilitation skills to another level
A three day workshop, available as an in-house program, for experienced facilitators who want to develop their facilitation skills and infuse their facilitation with the philosophies, principles and practices of Gestalt in Organisations. 
During the three days, participants will explore together what it means to be at ease in groups and to be able to extend their personal range in order to enhance their facilitation style. 
Key themes include:

Presence: the essence of facilitation - being rather than doing
Working with what the group brings - allowing the group to flourish and using the flipped classroom model
Working in the moment with the unfolding group process
Creating an atmosphere of engagement - building a relationship with the group
Key models, and their application to group process facilitation, include:
The Facilitation Spectrum
Creative Indifference
Clearing the Field
Windows to Awareness
The Cycle of Experience, and
the 7 Pillars of Perception

This worksop will challenge and engage participants in a highly experiential way and offer a unique chance to learn with ,and from, other skilled professionals. It is a pathway to the Very Advanced Facilitation Workshop.
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