Kirsten Brumby


When Kirsten works with an organisation, it is the human potential within that organisation that drives her imagination. She loves nothing more than working with individuals, and teams, to help fulfil the potential of the organisation.


Kirsten has worked with a broad assortment of organisations, large and small: including banks, insurance companies and investment brokers, manufacturing companies and consulting organisations. In addition to working throughout Australia, she has developed and delivered a range of sales training programs in India.


Kirsten brings 15 years worth of experience in managing all sorts of organisational relationships and administering the “practical” aspects of an organisation – projects, budgets, operations, etc.


She has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computing, with a Business sub-major of Organisation and Management. She has also studied numerous industry based accreditations for training, project management, and customer service. She cast aside most of this learning, though, as she went out into the work place and found a different reality. In recent years, Kirsten’s imagination and passion has been captured by the Gestalt approach to working with organisations.


Indeed, working with a gestalt approach as a leader, Kirsten co-founded a computer consulting company, and in 3 years built the company to a profitable practice, with $3M turnover and 20 employees.


Kirsten is an accredited Conference Facilitator for the Young Adults Community Conferencing Pilot Programme. She has been training in Gestalt in Organisations with Trevor and Howard for a number of years, and now regularly facilitates our Gestalt in Organisations programs.


Kirsten is based in Sydney and is an associate partner of the space between Australia


Kirsten also provides a range of strategic planning, marketing and business process analysis services, consulting on people management and individual coaching for small businesses through Many Hands


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