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SWEE LIN is an organisational consultant, leadership assessor and executive coach with over 27 years of experience.

Swee Lin started her career in the information technology space. In the short span of 12 years as a business process consultant and later as a consulting practice director, she has won many awards for her contribution to high customer satisfaction, publicly referenced projects and profitable businesses, including CEO Award, Asia Pacific Excellence Award, Employee of the Year Award, Outstanding Performer of the Year Award and numerous software partner implementation awards. She was interviewed and featured in the book How To Manage In A Flat World: Get connected to your team – wherever they are  by Susan Bloch and Philip Whiteley.

Building on the lessons gathered in her own journey as a leader, and after retraining herself in coaching and Gestalt philosophies, Swee Lin now specializes in leadership assessments for selection and development as well as designing and conducting interventions to improve individual, team and organizational effectiveness. She advocates that learning comes from being intentionally present to our environment and experiences - that because we live in the “school of life”, the issues and obstacles that we face are really opportunities for us to reflect, challenge and change our internal mind-sets so that we can grow into our bigger selves. She was conferred the “101 Most Fabulous Coaching Leader Award” 2020 at the World Human Resource Development Conference 28th Edition and was featured in the “Most Talented HR Leaders” listing (2020 Edition) by Dr R. L. Bhatia.

Swee Lin's based in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. She is a co-facilitator of the Gestalt in Organisations program in Asia Pacific and an associate partner of the space between.

Contact Swee Lin at sweelin@thespacebetween.com.au