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big_lhbig_lhIn addition to a number of books, our partners have authored articles published in the UK, Australia or USA or presented papers, which can be provided on request, including:

 By Trevor Bentley
 The Art of Improvisation (Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand)

 Collusion or Collision on corporate ethics (Company Director)

 The last thing you need is another consultant (Management Accounting)
By Howard Boorman

The Gestalt of Future Search (FutureSearching USA)

 Leading with Heart - and Soul (MY Business)

 Interviews with Sylvia Fleming Crocker, Malcolm Parlett, Bob and Rita Resnick and Jennifer Mackewn (GANZ Newsletter)
By Trevor and Howard

 The 10 Myths of Project Management (HR Monthly)
Three articles are reproduced here to be read online, copied or printed out:

The Leader Within by Trevor

 The 7 Pillars of Perception by Howard
The Power of Empathy by Trevor

If you'd like a copy of any of the other articles listed, please email Howard; howard@thespacebetween.com.au