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Creative Consulting™ – Consulting with a Gestalt focus
by Trevor Bentley and Howard Boorman.
Most organisational problems are caused by human frailties and an inability of many people to build strong relationships or to work with ambiguity and uncertainty. In this booklet we explore how a Gestalt approach support external or internal consultants and their clients to work much more effectively to support improved relationships and higher performance.
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atomA Touch of Magic by Trevor Bentley. In the fast changing, complex business world of today, different organisational practices are needed to keep up. This book is about a unique and highly effective way forward; exploring the magic of contact, complexity, creativity and chaos, and how leaders and consultants can tap into these things to create magic of their own.

Excerpts from a review of A Touch of Magic by Linda Norman (as published in HR Monthly, June 2004):

“Focuseson our psychological interactions and relationships with others. Bentley encourages us to experiment and explore, be aware of our own and other people’s boundaries and to look for balance in relationships. (The book offers) different perspectives and contains a number of insights that may interest senior organisational coaches and facilitators who work with individualsand teams.”
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