GIO Very Advanced Facilitation-the space between

the space between

Very Advanced Facilitation

Taking your facilitation skills to yet another level
This highly experiential 3 day workshop is open to people who have successfully completed the Advanced Facilitation Workshop. As with the Advanced Workshop, it is available as an in-house program.
We work experimentally with the specific interests of the participants and the areas they want to hone. Themes from past workshops include, fine tuning your self-as-instrument capabilities, dealing with emotional bear pits, working with a co-facilitator, making friends with our incompetence, embracing mistakes, applying the Pragmatic Idealism model to facilitation and building agendas in the moment.
Participants are challenged to work even more experimentally with what groups bring and what emerges as groups work together. Skills practice, group feedback and individualised coaching are key features of this workshop.
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