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Books for Facilitators

adv_facAdvanced Facilitation  by Trevor Bentley and Howard Boorman.

Taking facilitation to new levels of effectiveness, by working with group process and group dynamics in new and powerful ways.
Advanced Facilitation is published through and can be obtained as a hard copy or e-book directly from the Lulu website:
or can be ordered directly from us for AUD$20 (plus postage and GST if applicable):  Book order.

FacilitatiFac_newon  by Trevor Bentley.
Being a facilitator means helping groups and individuals work together in continually different situations. 
Chapter by chapter, this book follows a real-life workshop facilitated by Trevor and Howard, from the workshop’s inception to completion. In this way you're provided with living examples and illustrations of the high and low points of facilitation in practice.

Excerpts of areview of Facilitation, by Linda Norman (as published in HR Monthly, November 2001):

“. . . within five minutes I was having trouble putting the book down! What makes it different to other ‘how to’ management books is the author’s innovative approach to facilitation and the unusual way the book has been compiled. This book would appeal most to more experienced trainers and facilitators as it challenges modern day custom and practice of facilitation and group training. It might also interest readers seeking a greater understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics."

Facilitation is published bythe space between and retails for $40 (plus GST if applicable) and can be supplied by mail for the cost of postage. Discounts are available for multiple copies. To order go to: Book order. We'll contact you via email to arrange postage and invoicing.