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GIO Ongoing Development Groups

big_lhAn ongoing series of residential workshops covering key challenges facing organisational leaders and the coaches and consultants who support them. The first year of this program was completed in 2005, a second group was formed in 2010 and a third group in 2022. Participation in these groups is by invitation and is only available to people who have worked with us before.  The format of each group is flexible; typically one or two three-day residential workshop every 12 months. In the past we've gathered in Sydney, the Mornington Peninsula, the Snowy Mountains, Kangaroo Valley, on the Illawarra Coast, the Blue Mountains, Wellington, Singapore, Kuala Lumpu and the far north coast of NSW. After 2023 gatherings in Penang and Sydney in October and again in Sydney in December, we're exploring options for groups to meet in France and Morocco in 2024/2025. 
While the first two existing Ongoing Development Groups aren't seeking additional members,  we are taking expressions of interest in joining the third group or in establishing a fourth group To express an interest in participating in an Ongoing Development Group, please email

 Program Outline

 These programs bring groups together to explore, through regular contact, the practical application of a Gestalt approach to business and organisational issues. The work is highly experiential, practical, experimental and improvisational. Naturally what we work on in each workshop is drawn from what’s happening in the group and the interests of the participants. The theme for each workshop is developed beforehand in consultation with the participants, and further shaped by the ”in-the-moment” interest of the group and what emerges as we work together.
Program costs

The fees for any new Ongoing Development Group will be dependent on workshop format and venue; accommodation and any travel costs are separate and paid directly by participants. We aim to work in venues with reasonably priced accommodation and in locations that work for each participant.