How we work-the space between

the space between

How we work

big_lhOur work within organisations takes leaders and their teams into:

  • the space between what is and what could be
  • the spaces in between reality and dreams
  • that space in between their goals and where they are now
  • the space in between their skills and the skills they need, and
  • the spaces that separate leaders and their people.

Our work in these spaces is not about being the experts who bring fixes from outside – instead we offer our unique approach of ‘being there’ for people, really listening, seeing the unseen, saying the unsayable and asking the unasked questions to draw out lasting change from within. And we often work in the "in-between spaces" that other consultants and coaches find it difficult to work in, navigating carefully the spaces between coaching and therapy, drawing on our many years of organisational work and the psychotherapy training of key partners.