Our key work-the space between

the space between

Our key work

big_lhWe work with people to support their growth, better performance and organisational prosperity, in all key areas that relate to working with others. This support is provided through:
  • one to one executive coaching
  • consulting to boards, executives and other leaders
  • working in the workplace with intact teams and in other ‘live’ situations (e.g. team meetings, project meetings)
  • workshops (we facilitate these so that people can bring real issues and contribute their own experience – rather than as traditional training programs)
Our particular areas of expertise are:
  • leadership development, working with all organisational levels from the boardroom down
  • team development, with an emphasis on boards, executive teams and management teams
  • developing others to apply the principles and practices of  Gestalt therapy within organisations, as coaches, leaders, facilitators and consultants
  • advanced facilitator training
  • leadership assessments for selection and development 

Through our work we seek to draw out the potential that’s already there, in the people and the organisation, and to enable this potential to be directed towards the achievement of the organisation’s purpose. What we work with depends on the needs that are present and those that emerge as we work with people.

For more information, email:howard@thespacebetween.com.au