Emergent Leadership-the space between

the space between

Emergent Leadership

Discovering the hidden power of improvisation

A three day residential intensive experiential learning event for business leaders who want to discover their own unique leadership style through spontaneity and improvisation. 

Each of the three days will focus on a particular theme. During the exploration of each theme participants will be able to experiment with their own style of leadership.

Day One - Trusting my spontaneity

Day Two - The art and power of improvisation

Day Three - Emergence of leadership

At the end of the three days we expect that each participant will leave equipped to lead in their own inspirational way.

The next step will be the integration of this learning through experiment in the real world in which each person lives and works. After the eorkshop, mentoring, guidance and coaching support will be available for participants by negotiation.

For more information, email Howard at howard@thespacebetween.com.au