Organisational Storytelling


This session was facilitated by Howard and Trevor at the 2006 GANZ Conference in Melbourne


Theme: Storytelling in terms of the purpose and process of using storytelling in an organisational or ‘system’ setting.


Coverage: How to use storytelling to unravel complex situations and to help the participants (clients) to grapple with issues that are not normally accessible more directly. Exploring the use of Gestalt ideas such as metaphor, creative experiment and the paradoxical theory of change.


Whether working with individual clients, couples, family ‘systems’ or organisations ‘the story’ is often, if not always a fundamental aspect of our work. Many clients find telling their story a necessary, challenging and shame promoting experience and yet we as their therapist/coach/consultant probably need to hear it. So helping people to find ways to tell their story that allows them a shame free, or shame reduced access to their story is extremely helpful, and in organisations essential.


Because story building and telling is field sensitive, experimental and dialogic it fits very well into the Gestalt frame and yet at the same time it can help to make the complexity of all human interactions more manageable, particularly as the numbers of individuals involved increases.


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