Heart and Soul in Business


Howard and Sue Congram from the space between UK conducted this as a pre-conference workshop for the 2002 GANZ Conference in Christchurch NZ.


In this 3 day workshop, we explored how to use a Gestalt approach to work with business leaders as a coach, mentor, facilitator or consultant, to put the heart and soul back into an organisation, to help people and organisations prosper.

Coverage included:

o    What we mean by “putting the heart and soul back in” and how to take a systemic approach to doing this.

o    The damage caused to people and organisations from heartless, soulless working environments.

o    Empirical and anecdotal evidence of the impact of a people centred approach, or the lack of one, on a business’s bottom line and long term success.

o    Why personal transformation at the top of organisations is the key to organisational transformation and how to work with leaders to bring this about.

o    The risks associated with this kind of work and how to avoid these. For example, a major risk is a consultant becoming the organisation’s heart and soul, or the leader’s conscience, rather than helping people find these things themselves. The consultant can then become a barrier to success, by holding the “emotional” or “caring” polarity in the system and prompting others to hold the “rational” or “bottom line” polarity.

The workshop participants included business leaders, organisational consultants and Gestalt professionals interested in unlocking the potential of people at work.


Ø For more information on this workshop, including options for ‘in-house’ versions, email Howard at howard@thespacebetween.com.au



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