Top 100
"Creating excellence throughout a leadership team"

A program designed to be delivered to an organisation's key leaders, including the top team and their direct reports, focusing on inspired leadership and innovation.


We can deliver this program on both smaller and larger scale, from a Top 10 Program to a Top 500 Program.


Reasons for investing in the program


To be the best in the business you need top management working at their very best day in and day out. This calls for people who can build excellent relationships, inspire and motivate others, be innovative and realise their full potential.

We will work with you to:


o    Challenge conventional thinking and practice

o    Open doors to new possibilities

o    Bring provocative insights

o    Infuse your people with our own commitment to excellence


Through your investment of time and money you will:


o    Create a world beating leadership team

o    Optimise the potential and performance of all your people

o    Enhance the quality of customer experience

o    Excite customers

o    Create a powerful image for being the best in the business

o    Create a satisfying and enjoyable working environment


The Top 100 Program is unique


Our program differs from other executive development programs in five key ways:


1.    We focus on the drawing out the potential laying dormant in the organisation’s Top 100 rather than introducing the latest management trend or fad, e.g. emotional intelligence, or focusing on just one aspect of the business, e.g. CRM.

2.    The program is pragmatic and attends to what’s happening in the workplace. We work with the unique business issues of each client and the different needs of each individual on the program. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

3.    The program emphasises the quality of relationships between the Top 100 and through this process helps the team to achieve excellence.

4.    We use our experience and wisdom to support the team‘s development rather than relying on external diagnostic tools or psychometric tests.

5.    The program recognises that making a significant and lasting difference requires more than quick fixes and one-off workshops. Sustained excellence requires sustained effort.


The program has four key components:


o    Identification of the top 100 and the commitment event

o    Development events (first year)

o    Sustaining events (second year)

o    Individual coaching throughout the program


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